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glō Skincare Studio & Day Spa

7935 Perry Highway, Pittsburgh, PA,  15237


Couples Massage Lesson Class          (Friday) May 26th 6 PM -8PM

If you have ever wished you or your partner knew the same massage techniques used by professional massage therapists to relax muscles and alleviate pain and stress- this is the class for you!  You will learn to massage better, firmer and more gracefully in a fun, safe, and beautiful class environment. The class will focus on techniques specific to massaging the back, feet and hands. The class will include education on the basic muscle groups of the back, hands and feet; different massage movements and how and when to use them.  Handouts will be provided for use during the class and at home.

Massage on the hands and feet will be taught using oils on bare skin.  The back massage techniques will be taught without using oil and through clothing.  Please wear comfortable fitted clothes like work out gear.  The class will be taught with the couples seated on the floor, so please bring a pillow and yoga mat or blanket.  While the classes do require two people, and will likely have a number of romantic couples attending, attendees do not need to be romantic partners. Friends, families, and anyone interested in learning professional massage techniques are welcome. This class is open to all ages and types of couples.

This is a 90 minute class and will be taught by Stephen Aspenberg, Licensed Massage Therapist.  The cost for the class is $50 per couple.  Class size will be limited to 3 couples.


Balancing Your Moods with Bach Flower Essences on Friday June 23rd from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Flower essences are catalysts for emotional change, and work by stimulating self-awareness.  Flower essences contain only minute traces of actual physical substance; they are primarily vibrational in nature. This means that they are non-toxic and have no direct impact upon the body’s biochemistry.  In this class you will learn about the history and use of Flower essences,  complete an assessment questionnaire and build your own  Flower Essence remedy to take with you.  Please note: this is not a medical treatment and if you have a serious mental or emotional condition, you should seek the care or advice of a qualified health practitioner.   The cost for this class is $15, includes supply costs and class size is limited to eight people.  Only 6 spaces left!


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